Window Epiphany

I was doing nothing much,
between a nap and book,
idly staring at the glass
—the window in my wall—
when casually I thought,
that wall was painted by my wife.
The paint came from the store nearby,
sold by Bob, a helpful guy.

I thought some more…I bet
three dozen people worked
to make that paint—oh, more—
if transportation’s added in
and people washing floors.
Add maybe thirty sources for
the varied stuff mixed in—
a hundred people for our paint,
seemed sensible to contemplate.

People I suppose like me,
with family and friends,
and folks they don’t like too—
working, playing, fighting, loving,
worrying and hoping, 
somehow making do.

I stared,  surprised at what I saw
there in our simple painted wall.

Then my eyes glanced through the glass
toward our terraced hill
and landed on the catmint
that I planted just this spring.
When I work at pulling weeds,
I love its bracing smell.
The green is chlorophyll I think,
photosynthesis at work,
turning sun and CO2
into life and food.

Three billion years life’s been on earth,
(I’ve looked it up)
with star-born carbon at its core,
cycled not just once or twice
but a million times—then millions more—
in plants and beasts and people too
—a cosmic past for me and you!

Now, I don’t know if I saw God
in simple plants and paint,
or only playful thoughts.
(I’m certainly no saint.)

But when a hundred folks connect
to me in my own wall
and atoms with a million lives
incarnate on my hill,
it’s revelation good enough
for me to love it all.

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