Introducing Article Series:Three Ideas for Centering Your Life

Clouds in Three Ideas For Centering Your Life VideoCan We Still Find the Sacred?” is the first of three pieces that will ponder ways to live a centered life.

Maybe you doubt the teachings of traditional religion. I do. When I started doubting, I wondered if there could still be a spiritual center in my life. After several years of reading, pondering and make-shift meditation, three thoughts stood out for me—thoughts that seemed to connect to everything in my life and that were simple enough to recall. I used the thoughts to create the video “Three Ideas for Centering Your Life.” If you haven’t seen it (or even if you have), take a look.

The three ideas are:

  1. All Life is Sacred
  2. Now Is All There Is
  3. Everything You Do Is Spiritual Practice

I call them “Ideas,” not “laws” or “rules,” because I don’t think of them as absolutes, like religious dogmas. The ideas have their origin in Eastern thought. They seem to balance out my rather Western notions about time, success, and sorting good from bad.

In this series, I would like you to contemplate with me how these ideas might be helpful in centering one’s life. “Can We Still Find the Sacred?” is the first article. Other readers and I will be interested in your thoughts, so please share them in a comment.

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