I Am The Earth

Something in the Earth

I am the Earth.
My body is the polar ice, the mountain and the salty sea.
   It is the great pine and the tiny wren.
   It is iron and carbon.
   It is your home.
I am the Earth.
My scripture is the the giant sequoia. 
   It is the chromosome and the quantum theory.
   It is the Parthenon, the internet and the billion written books.
I am the Earth.
My voice is the screaming crow, the roaring wind and the whispering brook.
   It is the speech and the music of humankind.
   It is the silence of the dead.
I am the Earth.
My heart is the searing volcano, the greening maple seed and the nursing mother.
   It is the factory and the kindergarten class.
   It is your blood and your breath.
   My heart is your heart.

(This is a revision of my earlier poem “There is Something in the Air)

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