What Will We Incarnate?

Christmas QualitiesMaybe the greatest wonder of Christmas is the idea that the highest and best, we might say the ultimate, became flesh—a physical reality.

No matter what beliefs we have about God, we all understand the need for goodness. But we often speak of goodness, beauty and love as if they are qualities that have an existence separate from physical life.

Yet, how can goodness mean anything unless we encounter good character in actual people? What is beauty without sunsets, colorful birds, and newborn babies? What is love if not given by a person in words, deeds and hugs?

Beauty and love—as well as other qualities we cherish—aren’t real until people make them real.

What if every person believed that he or she was the incarnation of that which is highest and best about life? What if every person was convinced that goodness, beauty and love were theirs to share for the benefit of other people and for the earth?

Regardless of our other beliefs, do we dare to believe we incarnate the wonderful qualities often assigned to God? Can we even imagine what our lives would become?

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What Will We Incarnate? — 1 Comment

  1. Rod, Happy New Year! And speaking of “happy,” it is one of the givens that fits so nicely in the purpose of humans. Joy and Joyful exist in most every relationship, event, even day by day in each of our lives. We must recognize and claim it. Life enrichment, health improvement, etc. leads to be the well rounded “Fully Human, Fully Alive” person we can be.
    I like what I see on your site; will peruse it more later.

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