Your Holy Hands

Hand and maple leaf for Holy Hands

Surely your hands are holy.  
Do they not feel the supple maple leaf 
and the hardness of steel?  
Do they not know the slender shape of a pen 
and the softness of your own skin?  
Do your hands not transmit the surge of life? 

And surely your ears are divine.  
Do your ears not speak the roar of the wind 
and the hum of traffic?  
Do they not bring the message of the tree frogs 
and the voice of the one you love?  
Do your ears not preach to you the very words of life?  

And of course your eyes are sacred.  
Do your eyes not give you the rising sun 
and the azure sky?  
Do they not reveal to you the factory worker and the store clerk?  
Do your eyes not behold the manifold wonders of life?  

Certainly your hands, your ears, and your eyes are blessed oracles.  
For do they not speak to you the revelation the Life?  

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