So Much to Do (The Arrow of Time #2)

At my desk - so much to do

I sat down early at my desk 
where I start each day 
but prioritizing all my work 
caused me some delay. 

The jobs and to-dos swamped my brain 
—so many options vied 
—and life is short — each second counts!
How could I decide? 

As my neurons sparked and whirred,
I bent to tie my shoe.
When I bent up and checked the clock,
eight minutes had sped through! 

Then a notion whispered by—
“Pause and take a breath.
Relax and contemplate
to understand what’s best.” 

Manfully, I fought that thought 
and put this thought in its stead: 
“It’ dumb to slack up now,
I’d rather I were dead!
If I should break off just to breathe 

disaster lies ahead!”

The nagging whisper shoved aside,
I knew just what to do —
“I’ll do it all with longer hours
and muscle my way through.”

The problem with a lot of folks
is that they ease their pace.
The way to conquer heartless time?
—Be breathless in the race!

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So Much to Do (The Arrow of Time #2) — 3 Comments

  1. That’s a fun one, Rod.

    I see you have a deliberate rhyming scheme, as opposed to your open verse works, but your meter and number of syllables per line are inconsistent. Was that deliberate?
    Also did you mean breathe instead of breath? Also, “lies” instead of “lay” since your self quote starts in present tense?

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