The Arrow of Time – Some Poems

Rod Van Abbema, Spirited-Thinking

The subject of time is rich ground for sprouting some poems . Having written “Time and the Black Cherry Tree,”  I decided to look at time from several perspectives—meditative, humorous and who knows what else. I just posted #2, “So Much to Do.” It looks at time from … well, we have all been there!

(Note: since I wrote this post, I have completed this series—for now—with these two posts: Deep Thoughts to Make our Lives Feel Longer than They Are,” a light piece, and “Come Dream a Dream of Time with Me,” which combines poetry and prose.)

I have long been intrigued by the phrase, “The Arrow of Time.” I have mistakenly attributed it to Albert Einstein and have assumed it’s main meaning was that time can only move in one direction. I was totally wrong about Einstein. The phrase comes from a concept developed by British astronomer Arthur Eddington. And there is far more to the concept than I imagined. If I figure it out, I will write a prose piece about it. If it remains seriously vague to me, I should be able to manage a seriously ambiguous poem!

In the mean time, it “The Arrow of Time” a nice name for a series of poems.  By the way, I love comments on what I write, especially poems. And even if you don’t like them!


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