Life – Busting Loose

Cat Balloon for Life - Busting LooseNo matter how we try to hold it down 
life has its way of busting loose. 
Like Lilliputians we fasten it to the ground 
hoping our ropes of plan and fret 
will keep the muscled oaf controlled 
—because he might hurt our stuff or even us 
when his primeval urge flares up 
—besides, we have to force some order on this crazy giant 
what with jobs and flu and babies and dandelions and death and taxes
but it turns out our ropes are threads to be broken at his whim
and off he goes
—now like an escaped Macy’s Parade balloon
crashing into buildings and traffic signals
and dragging us its supposed handlers bumping and scraping down the street
or flying tethered through the air.

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