Draw Life’s Circle Wide

Life Circle

I’m done with this small place;
there’s nothing new to see.
Shrunken views are all I share
with people just like me.

My thoughts are never challenged
so my mind is shrunken too.
It’s time to open up my eyes
and get a larger view;

I’ll draw my little circle out
to get you inside the line,
so I can learn about your life
and you can learn of mine.

And never mind your clothes, your looks,
your job or politics;
just join me and we’ll move out wide
to join the human mix.

Let’s curve life’s circle out some more;
we can’t discriminate
—draw in the ugly and sublime
—circle even those who hate.

Stretch the arc out wide and long
to hold all kinds of folks and clans
—of every color, every faith,
—from every climate, every land.

Make it wide, and wider still
to circle all; leave none alone
—until we’re circled by the world
and all the world is home.

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Draw Life’s Circle Wide — 3 Comments

  1. What a beautiful poem, sentiment, and reminder that when we don’t understand, we need to draw a larger circle. And you did it in verse.

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