Real Life and the Artifice of Writing


Hands at computer keyboard

The outdoors is bitter with wind and snow
but I am sitting in my warm office.
My fingers are on the keyboard
and my eyes on a simile of a blank sheet of paper
flattened on the screen

I have something to say—
the thoughts are there somewhere
but they require a sequence of words
before they find some clarity…some meaning.
I can type faster than write
and I hope to capture the thoughts on the screen
that might escape
if they have to wait
for slow fingers and a pen to record them on paper. 

I press away the desire
for more time to watch the world
and more time to contemplate
—and I begin.

cars slide into ditches,
presidential candidates crisscross Iowa,
refugees flee Syria,
thousands of local people work at their jobs, 

and the bamboo plant on my desk
continues to grow. 

It is so thrilling
—and so absurd—
to attempt to capture in words
what happens in real life!

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“Art may catch a bit
of life’s prodigious grace
in metal, stone or paint
—but not its stormy pace.”
From “The Sculpture and the Gull at Sea,”

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Real Life and the Artifice of Writing — 1 Comment

  1. Winter coupled with snowfall is a perfect time for reflection. It may be personal or global. It’s as if our immediate world is taking a deep breath gearing up for what is to come.

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