8 Rules for Standing Strong in the PrimariesThese seem to work great for both candidates and voters
1. All statements must be simple enough for a third grader to understand.
2. Make everything personal. Talking about knowledge, policy or experience will just bog you down; besides, that stuff is for weaklings.
3. Tell everyone how much you believe in Jesus, the Bible, or at least God.
4. Never let the facts get in your way. So it almost goes without saying—
5. Never listen to historians, scientists, sociologists—or anyone who knows more than you do. (Caution: this can be a lot of people.)
6. Never worry about making false statements. That’s for weaklings too.
7. Most important of all: be loud and passionate. (This reduces people’s tendency to think rationally (a big waste of their time). So always— 
8. Be angry.  And Don’t be a weakling!
(If you have questions, always refer to #8.)


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