I Am Always Becoming


I am always becoming


Since I noticed 
that I am always becoming, 
I try to pay attention. 

It’s not that doing doesn’t count. 
There’s a lot of doing to do—  
working, eating, thinking, caring.
It’s do or die, I suppose. 
But I wonder 
—during all the doing and thinking— 
what am I becoming? 
So I try to watch. 
It would be nice
to see that I am becoming
…more open 
…less attached to it all. 

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I Am Always Becoming — 2 Comments

  1. This one is special. I love the ending lines…This one speaks to me of the watching and the change we watch..

  2. I seem to be attached to less these days. Church, wife, children, grandchildren, job. Sometimes it feels liberating. Sometimes very lonely.

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