i write therefore iamb

i was working on a poem
that felt beautiful and bright
but some phrases felt too fuzzy
and one whole stanza wasn’t right. 

then, one line I couldn’t rhyme 
just as the meter petered out 
and some syllables went missing 
—i lost five of them, about. 

while I stooped and looked 
beneath my chair, 
four more slipped and fell 
—i had no idea where— 
before I captured still alive 
the previously missing five. 
then lost an hour or more 
before I spied the truant four. 

but…in time I got the letters 
all ordered and aligned, 
and read the sentences aloud— 
only in dismay to find 
a wholly missing predicate 
and trochees where I wanted iambs. 

still, as I looked for what i’d meant, 
i found some good stuff in the middle, 
which i thought was just enough 
to save me from my metric muddle. 


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i write, therefore iamb (or: you think writing poetry is easy?) — 2 Comments

  1. Cute! Brought me a smile on an afternoon that drags at the office and looks a little dreary out. (Still going running this evening though. I hope I don’t trip on a syllable.)

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