I’m an Individual, That’s Obvious Enough

Two individuals

I’m an individual, that’s obvious enough.
I am not my neighbor and he sure is not me.
People are all persons – to be honored separately.
Our tastes, our clothes, our jobs,
and what we know are clearly different too
and life would be a mess
if I thought you were me and you thought I were you.

But some day you and I will die—and what will we be then?
Will we be spirit forms suspended joyfully
in a sacred space devoid of lakes and trees and mountain views,
who share enlightened thoughts
in a realm where I’m still separate from you?

Or will we meld in one great Oversoul,
where interchange between us two has ceased because we’re only one,
where all of time is Now and all activity is done?

might we find a humbler home when you and I are dead?
We’d travel to no other place but simply make the earth our bed.
The world would fold us back into itself, our minds and bodies end their toil,
our bones would find their loamy selves, and all our cells dissolve to soil.
We’d rejoin our native earth where there’s no mess or fuss regarding who is who,
and mix with other prime ingredients for birthing something new.
(Revised 5/28/2017)

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