Practice Counting

Dancing Couple

Number One

Music is softly playing in a little bungalow.
Two minds are counting
while four feet move on the kitchen floor,
finding no accord.
The eyes of the aspiring dancers meet.
Their mouths frown.
Again and again the two minds count,
as the feet shuffle clumsily.
…one — two — one-two-three
…one — two — one-two-three
…four feet synchronize,
eyes meet
and two dancers face each other smiling.

Number Two

In an upstairs flat,
a woman sits cross legged on the floor.
She breathes slowly
and works to find serenity
by assigning a number to each exhalation
—as her mind jumps
from kitchen task
to emails
to difficult friends.
Four weeks later,
as she sits and breathes
for what feels like the thousandth time,
her mind becomes still
and she curiously observes
her leaping thoughts,
her impatiently calling tasks,
her desire to escape
and for a few breaths
she feels great tenderness for the owner of such frenzy.



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