About Spirited Thinking

Rod Van AbbemaA spiritual but not religious look at the world

If you are one of the millions of people who think of themselves as “spiritual but not religious,” Spirited -Thinking is for you. Even if you are letting go of words like “spiritual” and simply looking for a more open way to find meaning and beauty in life, I think you will enjoy what you read here.

At Spirited -Thinking, I leave out religious dogma and start with the reality of the world we live in. “Reality speaks,” says Michael Dowd, a pastor, author and a lover of science. I agree, and I believe that listening to reality is the best path to enlightenment.

My quest is to share in words what I see in life around me. 

If you have an open mind, come and join me. We will take what we can from nature around us, from science, and from the constant movement of human life. Bring your beliefs and your doubts. (Sometimes doubt can be more enlightening than belief!) Take your imagination too.

Start where ever you like. Choose from Articles, Poems, Life Notes or Rod’s Thoughts and a new category I call Lighten Up. I am excited to say I have added my first piece to Short Stories. Also, a while back, I wrote two Book Reviews and shared Quotes from some great thinkers.

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